Ready to dive into a personalized photography journey with me? I offer both one-on-one and group sessions tailored for beginners, amateurs, and pros alike. Whether you’re into standalone courses or step-by-step learning, I’ve got you covered. Also classes at schools and universities are a possibility.


We’ll explore traditional darkroom techniques, taking cues from Ansel Adams and adding a dash of Edward Weston’s creative freedom. The goal? Get you to that sweet spot of previsualization. Forget about drowning in technicalities; I’ll show you how to make it second nature, so you can focus on the fun stuff – actual photography.

Prices (incl. materials, do not include tax)

– One day one to one – €400

– One day group of 3 – €250 p. person

– One day group of 5 – €200 p. person

– Day rate at schools and universities – on request