I offer both one-on-one and group sessions tailored for beginners, amateurs, and pros alike. Whether you’re into standalone courses or step-by-step learning, I’ve got you covered. Also classes at schools and universities are a possibility.


We’ll explore traditional darkroom techniques, taking cues from Ansel Adams and adding a dash of Edward Weston’s creative freedom. The goal? Learning to anticipate how our final picture will turn out – famously known as previsualization. We are trying to lose the annoying technicalities by understanding them, so that nothing stands between you and the image you want.

Prices (incl. materials, do not include tax)

– One day one to one – €400

– One day group of 3 – €250 p. person

– One day group of 5 – €200 p. person

– Day rate at schools and universities – on request